27 September 2009

Cleveland [No Spoilers][University's Grade]

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The long-awaited spinoff of Family Guy...you may have heard it. It's called The Cleveland Show IN CASE YOU MISSED IT...... So the show started off kind of slow. As for a first episode it was great because it gave background and set up a mode for the show. The main characters, Cleveland & Junior. (YAWN) Boredom City. Rallo to me is the real star! Omg he is so funny. I thought he was gonna be another Stewie but he is totally different.

Only thing (so far and hopefully only thing) I don't like is the flashbacks/similies that Cleveland Show does like Family Guy. The R.Kelly Joke worked a little but for the most part the show, to me was funny as hell. 4 Stars. A Good 7 out of 10. So it gets a C+. University Grade.