28 September 2009



9.L.A.S.E.R.S ("Love Always Shines Every time Remember 2 Smile"), Lupe Fiasco, Current Release Date: December 15, 2009.

It's safe to say that when The Cool was released we are all "Superstars". That album is a classic, if you disagree you are either A. Dead, B. Someone Who Has Never Heard It C. A Hip-Hop Hater or D. Stupid as hell. Besides the amazing content on Cool, I wanted to hear the album (originally title L.U.P.End) because of "Gotta Eat Part II" (which I hope is on Lasers) When "Shining Down" was put out over the summer I was anxious for more, the same feeling I had two previous when I first heard "Dumb It Down".

8. TBA (To Be Announced), Nicki Minaj, Current Release Date: 2010
Nicki Minaj is just as nasty as Kim & Trina and raw as Charli and Foxy. I remember in 2004, when Remy Ma first came out, everyone thought she was the illest femmecee ever. Well no. Nicki Minaj is way better than Remy. There are NO FEMALES in Hip-Hop holding it down at all. So whether you like Nicki or not you have to give her props....1st ill female out in a while. Her mixtapes, including the one posted on this blog (CLICK HERE FOR ITS BARBIE BITCH)have all been hot. I wanna see if the album is worth the wait. If she is really about all her hype. Her album does have a name as of Late Sept 2009. Stay tuned to the blog because once she names it, we'll let you know.

7. Amazin,Trina, Current Release Date: Late 2009
The reason I'm waiting on the Baddest Bitch next LP because I honestly do not think that Miami's finest can fuck with number 8 on our list, Nicki Minaj. Trina is too busy tryna recycle shit and act like we don't notice this is the same shit and beefin with Jacki-O and Kim and dumb shit. First off, unless you're 50 Cent you don't need to make disses anymore. The shit is getting lame. She released the mixtape Amazin' earlier this year but the album is coming soon. On her last LP Still da Baddest Bitch she scored hits with "Killin You Hoes" & "Look Back At Me" which is basically the same shit she been talking about but just better. I'm not sure she can top those songs but I really hope she does because truth be told I like Trina.

6. Before I Self Destruct,50 Cent, Current Release Date: November 17, 2009.
If I would have done this same exact entry about two weeks ago, I would not have put this album on here. Reason being, anyone that was alive and a hip-hop listener in 2002, knew that 50 Cent was the future. Well, the future is over. It's been over since The Massacre, which was hot but not as hot as Get Rich or Die Tryin' was released. Even the G-Unit debut was hot. But Curtis and the second G-Unit albums dropped. P.U.! Lame as fuck! Only good thing the last three years had produced for Fif was the Audio Two sampled banger "I Get Money". Around this time last year was introduced to "I Get It In" and "Get Up". Those were cool songs for a party to mix in real quick but nothing more. Then he were brought the WHACKEST FIFTY CENT SONG EVER RECORDED entitled "Ok, You're Right". The whackest, uncreative, piece shit line was uttered in this song and fucked it all up ---> "When I say I'm ballin' I ain't talkin bout a ball" <---Wtf is that shit? Come on Fif. Fif just need to get hungry again. He too comfortable. Make some raw shit! Then he dropped single number 4 --> the "I Get Money" sampled banger "Baby By Me" featuring Ne-Yo. WOW! Is that a smash or what. Haven't heard it? Peep it on Imeem Right Here. I was proud of Curtis for this one. The style isn't him, it's more Ne-Yo but its good to be different. Right? So we got 3 whack pieces of shit and 1 hot banger. What's the rest album looking like? I wonder.

5.Rebirth, Lil Wayne, Current Release Date: December 15, 2009
So, Lil Wayne dropped "Prom Queen" and the world loved it. Me, personally, I didn't see what was hot about it. I just don't listen to hip-hop and from my Rock Point of View. It's not hot. I know real rockers probably hate that shit. I'm waiting for it to drop so I can hear how good or how bad it will be. And also what real rockers gotta say about all of this

4. The Carter 4, Lil Wayne, Current Release Date: TBA
Basically, the same reason as #5. A lot of people thought Tha Carter III was fire, some say a classic. I honestly don't even like Weezy that much but I even thought the album was decent for the most part. Can you top The Carter III. People played/still play that album so much it's crazy. Will it be like 50 Cent? People wait all this time for your shit, you drop the hottest shit imaginable then.....POOF....no more hot shit. I swear I listen to Wayne sometime and be like "Wtf is he talkin bout? This aint got SHIT to do with what the song is about" Everybody will talkin about cars and he comin outa nowhere about a Mac laptop and Butterfinger candy bars. Wtf? Lol. Anyways. I hope he can do better than Carter 3. I wish failure on no one.

3. Relapse 2, Eminem, November 2009
WOW! Welcome Back, Slim. Finally he's back but let's be honest for a couple seconds. Didn't Relapse leave you kinda disappointed? The best songs were his actual singles. The rest of the album was....ugghh...give or take. His diss track towards Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon(which we have all heard) entitled "The Warning" was better than whole album! Thats what we want Em. Get pissed then make some shit. That be your rawest and finest shit. Flat.

2. Walk With Me Now and You'll Fly With Me Later, DMX, Second Quarter of 2010.
This album was originally suppose to drop October 14, 2008 and now it's been pushed til....SUMMER 2010? WTF? Add to that I kinda just cheated. Lol. The list is called Top 9. This is two albums. No...not a double disc CD but two different albums in two different genres being released the same day. So original...no one ever done this (see Nelly's 2004 releases Sweat and Suit) The album Walk With Me Now Is hip-hop. DMX in his truest rawest form. I already leaked the first single to you but in cased you missed it it's here The other album, You'll Fly With Me Later is a gospel rap album. I wanna know how THIS is about to work. Smh. Lol. X can praise our Lord & Savoir but I don't think I wanna hear a whole DMX gospel album. Truth be told but I do wanna see how it comes out.

1. Detox, Dr. Dre, Current Release Date: Late 2009, but we all know this is bullshit
No bullshit, this album was originally gonna be like number 6 or something but I had to put it number one. Why? Because we have been waiting for this album for years. I literally first heard about this album during first semester freshman year in high school.... I am now a freshman in college. Get my point? This album was suppose to drop Autumn 2005....four years ago! Lol. Dr. Dre said he stopped working on Detox to work with Aftermath artists. Then he recently stated he was back to work on it. Jeez....do you realize the whole time Eminem was gone Dre was suppose to drop that LP. On the the end of Eminem's Encore he said he was gonna make him do it. Well Em aint try hard enough. Em disappeared and came back still no Detox. This album better be than Chronic AND Chronic 2001 combined. It better shit on Blueprint 3 and make he Marshall Mathers LP look like The Chettah Girls 2 Soundtrack a lot of people (even almost me) just got tired of waiting ad said fuck it. I''m like two years away from saying the same thing. LOL. Dr. Dre is my music idol. Sorry. Forever faith in Dre. lol

**Notable Mentions: Drake, Thank Me Later, February 14, 2010 ; Snoop Dogg, Malice In Wonderland, December 8, 2009 ; Kanye West, TBA, No Date Confirmed ; Chris Brown, Graffiti, Late 2009.