02 November 2009

Lil Wayne - No Ceilings Mixtape Review

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Before I begin, let it be known that since the release of the 2005 single "Fireman" from Tha Carter II, I haven't been a Lil Wayne fan. Don't get me wrong, I like a couple of Wayne songs here and there. I liked Dedication and Drought 5 but that's about it. I feel Wayne raps about THE SAME SHIT. EVERY SONG! Carter III had a share of hot songs but outside of those like...what...6..to me it was predictable. And I hate that shit but I don't hate on him. Well, thats a blog for another day.

I heard Wayne's rendition of Fast Life Youngsta's "Swag Surfin" a couple of weeks before the release of No Ceilings and I loved it. I thought that freestyle was of the caliber of his freestyle off of Beyonce's "Upgrade U", which anyone with half of a hip-hop brain knows that was close to perfect. Then, like the rest of you I heard "Ice Cream Paint Job". Once again, Hotness. Not as good as "swag Surfin" but still hot.

The rest of the mixtape packs endless punchs with its extravagant similes. To me, "D.O.A" falls short. It doesn't excite or keeps attention like some songs on the mixtape. The interludes seem purposeless, but it's his mixtape let him do what he wants right?

I think it is fair to say the guest apperance were less that satisfying. I can not fully decphier if it because Wayne did so good or his guests are just naturally ass. An example would be "I Think I Love Her" with Tyga + Chanel (spelling? or is it Shanel?) come up dim while Wayne shines over a beat he says he doesn't even like. Also Drake + Nicki Minaj do not even appear on the mixtape which every one favorit Young Moolah memebers at the moment. I just hope Wayne can keep up this SUPER fire before his sentencing in February (gun charge) which he serve Eight months to a year. Wow. Wayne.....drop another mixtape. This mixtape is better than your album Carter II honestly.